Factory Modernization

Setting the Scene

Our client finds himself in a fierce international growth scenario. The business success requires operations to grow in accordance with increasing demand. As such there is a need for growth, flexibility and increasing scalability within operations that is unprecedented. Achieving the full potential out of the production capacity and capabilities is key in achieving their overall goals.

Our mission

Connect and integrate various (existing and new) production environments quickly and effectively independently on the technology already present on/in the different layers in these factory environments.


  • Allow for a large number of industrial protocols to connect
  • Enable Cost-effective storage and message processing
  • Realise robust integration(s) in an ‘always on’ principle

Convolve activities

Develop the custom Industry 4.0 Solution Concept

  • Help identify the right architecture and toolset (technology stack) for the challenge.
  • Perform preliminary testing on the selected solution (chosen architecture – toolset – platform) to reveal simple failures severe enough to reject the prospective release

Pilot Project Execution – Connect a manufacturing plant running on old(er) OT technology to the industrial 4.0 IoT platform.

  • Enable different systems to connect with one another, using the appropriate industrial gateway(s)
  • Data Model Set-Up
  • Historical Data Storage Set-Up
  • Cloud Platform Set-Up
  • IoT Connectivity Set-Up (hardware & software)
  • Realise cost-effective storage and message processing
  • Enable fast custom dashboarding
  • Provide Consultancy to drive new use cases(s)


  1. Delivery of a successful pilot that is ready to be scaled towards other production sites.
  2. The realization of a Fine-Tuned Solution Architecture that is suitable for both brownfield and greenfield projects.

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