Founder Facts – Passion For Data Translation

Meet our founder Koen Rutten, Managing Partner at Convolve and learn why Convolve was started!

An Early Focus On Industry

From the age of 12, I wanted to be an industrial engineer. So I studied industrial sciences in high school and finished a master of industrial sciences, electromechanics with a minor in automation at the university. Through my master’s thesis, I started a PhD in Bioscience Engineering at KULeuven. The lab I was working for was aptly called MeBioS (Mechatronics, Biostatistics and Sensor). There we did, for example, optimisations on robots, packaging machines and several R&D tracks on a multitude of industrial processes. When finalising my PhD, I joined Flanders Make working on projects related to vehicle simulation, robotics and vision. That was all very interesting to do. But I was often far removed from the practical application, meaning the actual productised process. And I just like to see things work, work well and create a benefit.”

Moving To IT

“That’s why I got into IT, because I wanted to do more with data and machine learning. Gradually I noticed the added value of combining industry knowledge with knowledge about the several data sources in industrial companies. While working here, I noticed that quite a few client projects never reached their full potential because they were approached from an IT mindset. As a result, I discovered that there is a need for people who understand your industry and who can stand on the line between IT and OT from that understanding.”

Founding Cronos4Industry And Convolve

“From that belief we started a focus on industry within Cronos to deliver more focus to our industry clients. To offer real added value, we needed to do more than just be listed as a technology company. Convolve aims to be a partner that can think along with customers over the longer term. Because we don’t want to deliver a quick-fix solution and then disappear. No, we want to keep giving advice and plan for the future. That way you avoid delivering a cheaper ad-hoc solution that you have to replace in a short timespan because it is not future proof.”

“Companies need partners who look at data collection and analysis with a pragmatic view and don’t just start out led by technology. That’s why we started Convolve. In doing so, we are the enablers who help clients and others reach their potential. It is up to us to support and unburden people in such a way that they can add value to the process. To do that, we focus on the data connectivity that allows the business experts to move forward.”

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